crave for

to have a strong desire for something


to crave = ersehnen, flehen, schmachten, sich sehnen to crave sth. = nach etw. lechzen to crave (for) sth., nach etw. gieren to crave after sb./sth. = sich nach jdm./etw. sehnen to crave attention = Aufmerksamkeit heischen to crave for sth. = etw. anstreben, nach etw. verlangen [Verlangen spüren] to crave power = machthungrig sein to crave (for) power = nach Macht gieren --- GOOGLE INDEX crave: approximately 54,100,000 Google hits



"He has no sympathy for those who CRAVE for exotic expensive fancy foods. He has time and again emphasised that simple healthy food habits would lessen the need for medical care."

Gandhian Alternatives

Did you

- to have a very strong feeling of wanting something
(Cambridge Dictionary)

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and suddenly had an irresistible desire for a snack? Perhaps those leftover pot stickers from the Chinese take-out place? A slice of cheese? A biscuit? Then you are craving for something.

Crave is from an Old English word (crafian) meaning "to demand." The sense of longing for something is from the 14th century and probably derived from the original sense of asking for something very earnestly.

While there are lots of stereotypes about pregnant women - many of which are intended to be humorous - one of the most common is a craving for peculiar foods or even non-foods. Several decades ago you might have heard about the "ice cream and pickle" craving.

The UK Daily Mail once published a survey from an E-cigarette manufacturer that asked pregnant women about their most unusual cravings. The top ten were: ice, chilli, cigarette ash, liquorice, soap, raw onion, chalk, grapefruit, sardines and horseradish. Cigarette ash? One of the survey respondents simply said: "It sounds disgusting and looking back I can’t believe it, but at the time it really did hit the spot."


ache for, covet, desire, die for, fancy, itch for, long for, lust after, need, pine for, thirst for, yearn for, yen for

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