contingency plan

a backup plan, in case something else happens


contingency plan = der Notfallplan --- GOOGLE INDEX contingency plan: approximately 1,800,000 Google hits



Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that there are no '"pain free" or "simple" options in dealing with the crisis in Libya, but that CONTINGENCY PLANS are being made to deal with whatever may happen there.

(BBC News)

India Needs CONTINGENCY PLAN to Contain Inflation

(BusinessWeek magazine - news headline)

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contingency plan
noun phrase

- a course of action to be followed if a preferred plan fails or an existing situation changes


The contingency plan is simply a secondary or alternative course of action that can be implemented in the event that the primary approach fails to function as it should. This allows businesses and other organisations to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and remain in operation, sometimes with very little inconvenience.

Organisations often maintain both a master contingency plan that is relevant to the entire organisation, as well as plans that are geared toward rapid response in specific areas of the operation. Businesses are not the only entities that engage in contingency planning. National governments, military units, local municipalities and non-profit organisations are all likely to create contingency plans that can be implemented whenever circumstances demand.

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Etymology: Contingency is the from the Old French "contingent" or directly from the Latin "contingentem" (nominative contingens), which means "happening, touching."


worst-case scenario plan, backup plan, disaster recovery plan, emergency plan, plan B

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"These days, contingency plans for IT systems are vital for any business."

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