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to rest and relax


chillax = sich entspannen bzw. ausruhen --- GOOGLE INDEX chillax: approximately 700,000 Google hits



Mr Bower added he has been loving life and CHILLAXING while he has been unemployed.

(The Daily Mirror)

As for the Prime Minister, he's sometimes been accused of being lazy and spending too much time CHILLAXING.

(The Telegraph)

Did you


- to rest and relax

(MacMillan Dictionary)

Chillax, a blend of chill and relax, is an informal way of saying that someone is taking a break from work or the daily routine. It can be used in a number of ways, such as an intransitive verb meaning to relax or take time off (I'm going to chillax this weekend).

It can also be applied as an adjective (I had a chillaxing weekend. He has a reputation for being chillaxed), as a gerund noun referring to the act of relaxing (He's famous for his chillaxing every Friday afternoon after work) or in the imperative (Chillax! We're not in a hurry.)

As the MacMillan Dictionary points out, this slang gained a lot of attention after two biographers wrote that British Prime Minister David Cameron "spends chillaxing weekends at Chequers (his country residence) doing a variety of chillaxing activities such as cooking meals for the family, playing with his children, belting out rock numbers on his karaoke machine, inviting friends over for snooker and a drink or two, and knocking a ball about against a tennis machine he allegedly calls "the Clegger" (a playful reference to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg).


calm down, chill, chill out, hang loose, put one's feet up, settle back, take a break, take a breather, take it easy, take ten, take time out, unwind

SMUGGLE OWAD into today's conversation

"I'll be chillaxing this weekend!"

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