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to drink and party


carouse = zechen, schwelgen, ein Gelage abhalten/feiern



“Like the CAROUSING at the Eagle, London’s entertainment economy is buoyant again after the deathly doldrums of covid-19 … Tourism has almost returned to pre-pandemic levels, boosted by a rise in American visitors.”

The Economist - (14th December 2023)

"Sir Oliver Skardy, whom I can only describe as our Venetian Bob Marley, portrayed the osteria as a "real oasis" in the sticky heat of the Venetian summer, where students and grandpas alike would play cards, eat, drink and CAROUSE together."

Anna Bressanin — BBC (30th August 2023)

Did you

verb / noun

- drink alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way

- to drink a lot of alcohol and behave in a loud, exuberant way

- a noisy, lively drinking party

Oxford Languages / Dictionary(dot)com


The word "carouse" has a fascinating etymology that takes us on a journey through several languages:

The immediate source of "carouse" is Middle French carousser, which means "to quaff, drink, swill”. Carousser is believed to be derived from the German phrase gar aus trinken, which literally translates to "drink out entirely" or "guzzle”.

The German phrase entered French, likely spoken by German mercenaries, and was transformed into carousser which then shifted meaning to refer to a general "drunken revelry" rather than just the act of emptying a cup.

The word "carouse" carries the legacy of boisterous drinking traditions, reflecting a transformation from a German exclamation about emptying a cup to an English term for wild partying.


Have some fun with 10 different toasts:

1. “Chin-chin!”

2. “Bottoms up!”

3. "Drain the grain!"

4. "Sip, sip, hooray!"

5. “Cheers to beers!”

6. “Down the hatch!”

7. “Wet your whistle!”

8. “Embrace the grape!”

9. “Here's mud in your eye!”

10. “Sip and be merry, my cherry berry!”


bask in dionysian delights, be on a bender (an all-nighter), become an initiate of the grape, bend the elbow, binge drink, CAROUSE, drink like a fish, engage in a drinko, go for the stein, have a bash, imbibe too freely, merrymake, moisten one's mustachios, nectar-swig, on the booze (the tiles), paint the town (red), ram the requisite, sink in the vat's quintessence, slosh, sluice, soak, swigging, tipple, toast the nut-brown ale, wassail, wet one's whistle

SMUGGLE OWAD into an English conversation, say something like:

"Let's not CAROUSE too much tonight, we have work in the morning."

THANKS to Florian for suggesting today’s OWAD.

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