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Can I run that by you?

Can I get your opinion?


Can I run that by you? = darf ich Ihre Meinung haben? Können Sie das anschauen? --- GOOGLE INDEX run that by: approximately 123,000 Google hits



Just to check my theory, I RAN IT BY a well-known airport security expert. When he heard my scenario, he immediately asked not to be named, because he didn't want to be on the record saying a method of to get around airport security might work. But he's pretty sure it would.


As far as the webmail issue goes, I RAN IT BY the programming team and they will implement the changes that were suggested…


Did you

to run something by (some other person)

- to show someone something, or tell them about it in order to get their opinion

(Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms)


When used as a verb, "run" is one of the most versatile words in the English language. The American Heritage Dictionary lists more than 30 definitions for both the intransitive form (an action verb that does not take an object) and the transitive form (requires both a subject and one or more objects).

In the expression "can I run that by you" run is used in the sense of passing something along to someone for their opinion.

There are numerous usages of the word "run" in Emglish phrases and expressions. Here are just a few more useful in everyday conversation:

- I'm going to run into town for groceries. Can you run me into town? = to make a short or quick trip

- He is running in the Berlin Marathon. She is running for mayor. = to take part in a sports race or an election for a political office -

- The ferry between Dover and Calais runs several times a day. = to travel back and forth

- The sizes run from small to extra large. = to occupy a certain range

- His taste in motorcars runs to the very expensive. = to tend or incline

- We ran into trouble once we crossed the border. = to move into difficult circumstances.


Would you take a look at this? Can I get your thoughts on this? I'd like to get your opinion on this.


"Can I run that by you before we send it out to be printed?"

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