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Bring Your Own Technology


BYOT = Abb. für Bring Your Own Technology --- GOOGLE INDEX BYOT: approximately 600,000 Google hits



At one school district, the motto is BYOT.

(NBC News)

BYOT management remains a high priority for IT departments.

(TechTarget information portal)

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- Bring Your Own Technology

BYOT – short for bring your own technology – is a policy that allows employees or students to use their own personal electronic devices at work or school.

There are several approaches to implementing a BYOT policy. Some organizations offer new employees a stipend to purchase their own technology for work. Others expect employees to be responsible for either the full cost or some portion of the cost of their devices. Some companies require employees to pay for their own voice and data service, while others reimburse employees for all or part of the charges

Regardless of how a device is procured, who actually owns it or who pays for Internet connectivity, if the device connects to a corporate or school network, an IT department needs to secure and manage the device. This is a primary focus of what is often referred to as IT consumerization, which describes the impact consumer technology is having on corporate IT departments

BYOT is also referred to as BYOD (bring your own device). Other variations on the term include BYOC (bring your own computer), BYOL (bring your own laptop) and BYOPC (bring your own PC).

BYOT is a spin-off of the first known "bring your own" phrase which was BYOB, or bring your own bottle. This is a concept in which party guests bring their own beverages, usually alcohol.

(adapted from the TechTarget information portal)

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"An increasing number of employers are adopting BYOT policies."

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