growing, increasing


burgeoning = aufkeimend, sprießend, knospend; wachsend; boomend; expandierend



“This agreement with New Zealand also demonstrates how the EU is stepping up engagement with this BURGEONING region of the world, delivering on its Indo-Pacific Strategy.”

European Commission Press Release (9th July 2023)

“A BURGEONING crisis in commodity prices. After 50 days since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we take a look back at what has happened to commodity prices.”

Alejandro Reyes González - BBVA Research (18th April 2022)

Did you


- growing, expanding, or developing rapidly

- rapidly developing or growing; flourishing

Merriam-Webster / Collins English Dictionary


From the verb “burgeon” (early 14th century), meaning "grow, sprout, blossom”, from Old French borjon "a bud, shoot, pimple", from Late Latin burra, “wool, fluff”, presumably from the down (Flaumfedern) covering certain buds.


When discussions arise about bamboo, they often revolve around its remarkable growth speed and wide-ranging versatility. Interestingly, there are approximately 1,500 distinctive species of bamboo, each displaying unique traits and characteristics. Some are slim, delicate, and decorative, while others are large, spiky, and industrial in nature. However, there's a particular species that deserves special mention – the Moso Bamboo or Phyllostachys edulis.

Originally from China and Taiwan, Phyllostachys edulis is a prominent timber bamboo species which is pivotal in the production of many commodities such as flooring, textiles, and construction materials.

Under optimal conditions, Moso Bamboo can grow up to by three feet daily (1.5 inches an hour), reaching an impressive height of 100 feet. The species' scientific name, Phyllostachys edulis, translates to 'edible bamboo'.

About 1,000 years ago, during the Song Dynasty in China, the poet Lei Zhang wrote “Enjoying Bamboo Shoot” in which he described the rapid growth of Moso bamboo after a spring rain:

"Rich showers of springtime, quenching the thirst of arid slopes, coaxing bamboo shoots from their slumber, urging them towards the heavens.”

The rapid growth of Moso bamboo has become an important subject for scientific research to understand the mechanism of growth acceleration.


abloom, advancing, blooming, blossoming, booming, budding, BURGEONING (like mushrooms after rain, like wildflowers in spring), climbing, developing, efflorescent, emerging, evolving, expanding, flourishing, germinating, growing, growing like wildfire, increasing, in full swing, in the ascendant, in the making, in the process, infant, just starting, leaping ahead, maturing, mushrooming, on the rise, opening up, picking up steam, proliferating, prospering, quickening, ramping up, rising, shooting up, shooting like a rocket (like stars in the sky), snowballing, sprouting, starting to bloom (to blossom), surging, taking off, thriving, up-and-coming, unfolding, unfurling, upping, waxing

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“Over-40-year-olds are a BURGEONING demographic group,… in Germany they number over 37 million citizens.”

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