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a large, lucky win


bonanza = die Goldgrube, der Geldsegen, der Glücksfall bonanza = (geol.) ertragreiche Erzader --- GOOGLE INDEX bonanza: approximately 38,500,000 Google hits



The country’s vast untapped mineral resources could produce a financial BONANZA.

(International Business Times)

U.S. Companies Join Race on Iraqi Oil BONANZA

(New York Times article headline)

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- a source of great wealth or prosperity

- (geology) a rich mine, vein, or pocket of ore

(American Heritage Dictionary)

Bonanza is an American English term from the mid 19th century that derives from the Spanish word bonanza, which refers to a rich lode (a strip of mineral ore deposited between layers of rock). The Spanish bonanza, which originally meant "fair weather at sea, prosperity," stems from the Vulgar Latin "bonacia" and Latin "bonus" (good), which in turn has its roots in the Latin word-forming element "bene" (well, in the right way, honourably). Bene is found in several other words such as beneficial, benefit, benefactor and benevolent, all of which refer to "good or well."

Many people recognize the word bonanza as the name of one of the most popular and longest-running American television series. The show revolved around the Cartwright family who operated the Ponderosa Ranch in Nevada not far from the so-called Comstock Lode, a rich silver ore deposit under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson. It was the first major discovery of silver ore in the United States.

The show is also set close to the California gold rush region that borders California. The name of the show thus refers to the mining definition of bonanza, a rich deposit of mineral ore. Bonanza lasted 14 seasons and had 430 episodes, making it the second longest running western series behind Gunsmoke.

windfall, cash cow, gold mine, mother lode, treasure trove, gravy train

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"The auction was a bonanza for the company’s charitable foundation."

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