Bob's your uncle!

The task is finished!


Bob's your uncle! = Schwuppdiwupp, und die Sache ist erledigt! Und fertig! Bitte sehr! [schon erledigt], (Und) Fertig ist die Kiste! Und schon haben wir’s! Und fertig!



“The decidedly lighthearted British phrase 'BOB’S YOUR UNCLE!' is commonly seen at the end of sentences that provide simple instructions,... but what does it mean?”

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Bob's your uncle! (uttered immediately after a task is completed)
idiom (UK & British Commonwealth)

- everything is or will turn out all right

- said to mean that a process or series of events ends exactly as expected or in exactly the right way

- used to express the ease with which a task can be achieved

Collin’s Dictionary / Harper Collins Dictionary / Oxford English Dictionary


The expression "Bob's your uncle!" has its origins in British English and is used to mean "and there it is" or "and you're done." It's an informal way of saying that something will be successful or turned out as expected.

The exact origins are unclear, but most etymologists believe it stems from the phrase "Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt" which was popular in late 19th century England. This longer phrase was used to mean something was easily accomplished.

The "Bob" is thought to refer to British Prime Minister Robert Cecil, the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, who was Prime Minister in the late 1800s. So saying "Bob's your uncle" was a joking way of suggesting you had someone powerful like a Prime Minister looking out for you.


accomplished, all set, and that's all there is to it, and that's that, and there it is, and there you are, and there you go, and we're done, and you're done, and you're set, bang, bang on, bingo, bish bash bosh, BOB’S YOUR UNCLE, buttoned up, case closed, checked off, cinched, clinched, closed, completed, concluded, done and dusted, end of story, fin, finalized, finished, finito, finite, fini, fino, fixed, full stop, in the bag, job done, mission accomplished, nailed it, over and done with, perfect, put to bed, settled, sewn up, sorted, task complete, that's all, that's all folks, that's it, the end, there it is, tied up, wrapped, wrapped up, you're set

USAGE NOTE: "BOB’S YOUR UNCLE!" may or may not be uttered in the presence of others, it's key function is to serve as an expression of relief that a task has been successfully completed.

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“The moment you finish a task, try loudly saying ‘BOB’S YOUR UNCLE’ and notice the reactions of those around you.”

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