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to exchange goods for other goods


barter = etwas in Tausch geben barter (noun) = Tauschhandel --- GOOGLE INDEX barter: approximately 65,000,000 Google hits



During World War II, Yoko Ono made rice and miso soup for her siblings, longed for butter and was forced to barter for food.

(BBC Radio)

Iran and Turkmen officials are in talks on BARTERING natural gas for oil products and will meet in Ashgabat in two weeks, the Persian Gulf nation’s Oil Ministry said...

(BusinessWeek magazine)

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noun & verb

- to exchange goods for other things rather than for money

(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Money has been part of our history for the last 3,000 years or so. Before that, we can assume most commerce was carried out using the barter system: trading goods for goods, services for services, goods for services or services for goods (bring me a couple of rabbits back from your hunt and I'll have my wife make you a new pair of moccasins).

Although money is what drives most of our commerce these days, bartering still takes place from the local level (I'll paint your house if you fix my car) to the international stage (trade you 5 inter-continental ballistic missiles for an aircraft carrier).

One of the more interesting experiments in recent years was carried out by Kyle McDonald, a Canadian blogger who started with one red paper clip and successively bartered his way to a house. The following is the progression of his trades:

- red paper clip for an ornamental fish pen
- ornamental fish pen for a doorknob
- one doorknob for a camping stove
- camping stove for a portable electric generator
- portable electric generator for a keg of beer
- one keg of beer for a snowmobile
- snowmobile for a trip to Yahk, British Columbia (Canada)
- trip to Yahk, British Columbia for a transporter van
- transporter van for a music recording contract
- music recording contract for a free apartment in Phoenix, Arizona for one year
- free apartment for one afternoon with hard rocker Alice Cooper
- one afternoon with Alice Cooper for a snow globe from the rock band KISS
- KISS snow globe for a role in a movie
- movie role for a house in the town of Kipling Saskatchewan (Canada)

From a red paper clip to being the owner of a 1,100 square foot house within one year. An amazing feat!


bargain, exchange, swap, trade

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"I barter my PC experience to get things around the house repaired."

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