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banana kick

a football shot that curves


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The real masters of the BANANA KICK can also get the ball to change angle during its flight.

(Daily News and Analysis)

They can actually pass the ball back and forth without the ball touching the sand, then head the ball over the net, or kick it over with a sidewise swap or BANANA KICK.

(New York Times)

Did you

banana kick

- a football kick that curves as it travels

For football fans who watch matches on English TV channels and wonder what a banana kick is, it's not an exotic cocktail that players drink after the game. It's when a player kicks the ball and makes it curve.

The "aim" is to get the ball around an obstacle such as a goalkeeper or defender. One of the best banana kickers in recent years has been English star David Beckham. His banana kicks became so famous, that a 2002 film about a rebellious Indian girl who runs off to Germany with an American football team was titled "Bend it like Beckham."

Other football terms that one might hear while watching a match on television include:

- feint = movement that is intended to deceive an opponent

- backheel = to kick the ball behind you

- hacking = to kick an opponent's leg(s), which can lead to a yellow or red card depending on how flagrant the action was

- nutmeg = to kick the ball through an opponent's legs

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"Did you see that amazing 20-metre banana kick that won the match in the last minute?"

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