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arm candy

an attractive person who accompanies someone to a social event


arm candy = reizende Begleiterin, attraktive Begleitung --- GOOGLE INDEX arm candy: approximately 1,500,000 Google hits



Selena Gomez was no less than an ARM CANDY of co-star Ethan Hawke as she attended the premiere of Getaway in Los Angeles, California, on Monday night.

(International Business Times)

Though he was without his ARM CANDY, Catherine Zeta-Jones, the 68-year-old actor refuted divorce rumors on Monday.


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arm candy
noun phrase, slang

- an attractive person who accompanies another to public gatherings but is not romantically involved with that person

(American Heritage Dictionary)

There are several "candy" phrases such as arm candy and eye candy, with candy referring to something that tastes sweet but has no nutritional value. The one that apparently started it all was "ear candy," a phrase that refers to popular music that is easy and pleasant to listen to. Being less musically sophisticated, ear candy is what one might hear in a doctor’s office or an elevator (hence the additional phrase "elevator music").

Ear Candy was the title of a successful 1977 album by Australian pop singer Helen Reddy, which some believe she intentionally named in a cynical reference to criticism she received for producing "light music." While the term ear candy may have been around prior to its release, the album seemed to have popularized it.

Eye candy was the next "candy" phrase to follow. It first appeared in the 1980s and refers to something or someone that is visually appealing. Similar to ear candy, it often implies a lack of substance or intelligence and is synonymous with the "dumb blond" and "toy boy" stereotypes.

Arm candy, which presumably derives from eye candy, is an attractive, seemingly romantic companion who accompanies a person in public simply so that one or both of the individuals can gain attention, enhance social status or create an impression of sensual appeal.

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"Did you see the arm candy that Bob brought along to the company Christmas party?"

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