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an angry argument or dispute


Zank, Streit



"A former general manager of the Orient-Express Hotel recalls being approached by an angry guest, who informed him: "I'm sorry to have to tell you that there's a vagrant (Landstreicher) in the hotel grounds." Preparing himself himself for an ALTERCATION, the manager followed the guest into the garden only to discover the occupant of the hotel's most expensive suite, John Lennon, meditating beneath a tree."

(Orient-Express Website)

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Synonyms : dispute, wrangle, noisy quarrel, affray, fracas

The term "dispute" is often applied to a verbal contest; as in "a dispute on the lawfulness of war."

An "altercation" is an angry dispute between two parties, involving an interchange of severe language.

A "wrangle" is a confused and noisy altercation.

"Their whole life was little else than a perpetual wrangling and altercation." Hakewill.

a violent altercation = ein heftiger Streit

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