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emotionally distant


aloof = abgehoben, unnahbar --- GOOGLE INDEX aloof: approximately 2,500,000 Google hits



Lack of confidence in your appearance can lead you to behave in defensive ways that appear unfriendly and ALOOF, and this behaviour is likely to put people off rather than your appearance.

(BBC News)

As Racial Storm Rages, Hasidic Leader Is ALOOF.

(New York Times)

Did you


- removed or distant either physically or emotionally


- at a distance

(Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary

Britons give tourists cold shoulder

Many overseas visitors find the British to be cold and aloof, with only Germany insisting the UK gives a warm welcome, a survey has revealed.

The survey asked people of 13 nationalities for their impressions of the Great British public. Four out of 10 respondents said Britons were unwelcoming to overseas visitors, although Germany said it was never given the cold shoulder.

One German questioned said: "I imagined the UK to be quite different - stricter, more conservative, more distant. But it wasn't like that. It was somehow warmer, more friendly. They are quite normal people like us."

(adapted from BBC News)


cold, detached, disinterested, distant, indifferent, offish, putting on airs, reserved, standoffish, stuck up, supercilious, unfriendly, uninterested, unsociable, uppity, withdrawn

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"Jack appears a bit aloof at first, but give him a chance, he will warm up to you after a while."

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