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all done up

well dressed, wearing makeup


all done up = aufgebrezelt, aufgetakelt; auffällig geschminkt und gekleidet



"The television in the lounge was playing the BBC morning news ... and she was ALL DONE UP from head to toe in black."

Elizabeth George, "Deception on his Mind"

Did you

all done up
colloquial adjective phrase

- well dressed, wearing makeup

The expression "all done up" is essentially an informal synonym for the verbal phrase "dress up."

Using the past participle of the verb "do," it's the past tense form of "to do something up," which means to repair or decorate something to make it look attractive. Up is commonly used in this context to indicate that something has been improved or strengthened.

Here are a few other examples using UP:

- touch up = to improve or perfect by small additional strokes or alterations (There are many free software programs for touching up digital photos.)

- beef up = to add strength or substance to something (They beefed up security for the big football game)

- pump up (fig.) = to get mentally ready for something, to be excited in anticipation of something (We are pumped up about moving into our new home)

- catch up = to improve in order to reach the same standard or rate as someone or something (We have a lot of work to do before we catch up with the competition)

brush up = to improve one's knowledge of something or one's ability to do something


decked out, dolled up, dressed to kill, dressed to the nines

Practice OWAD in a conversation

"Sally is ALL DONE UP. Is she going out tonight?"

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