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ad creep

the invasion of advertising into previously ad-free spaces


ad creep = allmähliche Nutzung aller möglichen Flächen für Werbung --- GOOGLE INDEX ad creep: approximately 12,000 Google hits



Super Bowl AD CREEP Gave Viewers Nearly 48 Minutes of Commercials Last Year


Bay Area Rapid Transit received almost 200 letters from riders opposing this AD CREEP


Did you

ad creep
noun phrase, buzzword

- the gradual introduction of advertising into previously ad-free spaces


Ad creep is a classic example of a buzzword, which is defined as a word or phrase that is frequently used because of its importance or popularity especially among a certain age-group or profession. Ad is short for advertising and creep is a verb that means to move slowly, quietly or secretly.

Creep is also slang for a disgusting person and the adjective creepy means causing feelings of fear. For that reason, one could interpret the term "ad creep" as having a double meaning.

In an example of what we might call "buzzword creep," there is a wide range of other creepy expressions including:

- mission creep = the expansion of a project beyond its original goals, especially where this has undesirable consequences, such as in a military conflict

- Christmas creep = the tendency for Christmas products, decorations and advertising to be displayed earlier each year

- season creep - earlier change of seasons due to global warming

- function/functionality creep = when an item or procedure designed for a specific purpose ends up serving another purpose for which it was not intended

(definitions from the MacMillan Dictionary)

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"Ad creep at sport events detracts attention away from the game."

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