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a tippler

a person who drinks alcohol


tippler = jmd. der oft Alkohol trinkt



“The TIPPLER’s lament - a lawsuit accuses the world’s biggest brewer of watering down its product."

The Economist - American beer

Worldwide demand for Scotch whiskey, especially in China, has outstripped supply, driving prices up and out of reach for the average TIPPLER.

Times Colonist Newspaper

Did you


- someone who often drinks alcohol

Cambridge Dictionary


Tippler, a 14th century word of unknown origin, originally referred to someone who sold liquor. Perhaps the term derived from the act of tipping a bottle when pouring an alcoholic drink.

The modern meaning usually refers to someone who habitually drinks (and in most cases is not drunk, or at least gives the appearance of being sober).


According to an article in the Guardian, TIPPLERS are unknowingly wasting an estimated 162,719 pints of Guinness every year by trapping it in their facial hair.

Robin Dover, a specialist in hair science and dermatological conditions, estimated that the average moustachioed TIPPLER traps a pint and a half of the creamy liquid above their top lip annually. While the hair itself is capable of absorbing 20% of its own weight in liquid, Dr Dover observed that the majority of the wastage occurred between the fibres of the facial hair.

With an estimated 92,370 drinkers with facial hair in the UK, who consume on average 180 pints each a year, the total cost of wasted Guinness works out at £423,070.

Considering all other beer brands (and the increasing popularity of beards) losses are estimated to be over £10 million per year in the UK alone.


bacchanalian, bar fly, boozer, dipsomaniac, drinker, elbow-bender, guzzler, juicer, hophead, imbiber, soaker, sot, sponge, TIPPLER, wino.


“I drink to make other people more interesting”  Ernest Hemingway

“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”  Dorothy Parker

“Save water, drink champagne!”  Anonymous

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