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a guffaw

a loud laugh


guffaw = Gelächter, Gewieher, Lachen, schallendes Gelächter



“A good GUFFAW goes a long way to relieve stress by increasing feel-good endorphins, easing your stress response and promoting circulation.”

U.S. News & World Report

Did you

guffaw (GUF-FAW)
noun, verb

- to laugh loudly, especially at something stupid that someone has said or done.

Cambridge Dictionary


1720, from the Scottish “gawf,” which is onomatopoetic, meaning that it’s spelled the way it sounds and is probably imitative of the sound of coarse laughter.

For some deep thinkers, laughing is no laughing matter, and there’s been some rather serious research on the topic.

Greek philosopher Herodotus categorised people who laugh into three groups:

- those who are overconfident
- those who are innocent
- those who are mad

Darwin believed laughter to be the release of excess nervous energy, whereas Schopenhauer, Kant, Bergson, Hegel, and Koestler associated laughter with the resolution of incongruity* or paradox.



belly laugh, cackle, chortle, chuckle, giggle, hee-haw, horselaugh, laugh, laughter, shriek/hoot/peal/roar/snort of laughter, snicker, snigger, titter

Practice OWAD in an English conversation, say something like:

“Did you hear those GUFFAWS coming from the breakout room? They must be having a lot of fun!”

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