• finicky

    difficult to please


finicky = wählerisch, penibel, pingelig --- GOOGLE INDEX finicky: approximately 950,000 Google hits


In the press

Miller Lite or Michelob may be appropriate with a hot dog or slice of greasy pizza, but FINICKY gourmets turn their noses up at the mere thought of drinking beer with the finer offerings found at the nation's top restaurants.

(BusinessWeek magazine)

Even online vendors such as Eco Express now feature full lines of organic treats, wines and beauty products that can satisfy even your most FINICKY friend or family member.


Did you know?


- difficult to please

- needing a lot of attention to detail

(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Finicky Feline Gets the Pasta

Humphrey is a real-life Garfield, who will only eat lasagne. The finicky cat's love affair with this popular pasta dish began after sneaking a bite of his owner's leftovers.

"For a week he wouldn't eat anything I gave him. But a few days later I cooked some more lasagne and he came running," said 30-year-old Sophia Atrill, from north London.

She has now entered the stubborn seven-year-old for the Boomerang TV Pet Personality Awards.

"I have no children - he is my baby and if it's lasagne that he wants, then it's lasagne he will get," she said.

(adapted from the London Daily Mail newspaper)


choosy, fastidious, fussy, picky

SMUGGLE OWAD into today's conversation

"Sorry to be finicky, but I have an allergic reaction to milk products."
Thanks to Maciek for suggesting today's word!

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