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with aplomb

showing confidence


aplomb = Souveränität, Selbstbewusstsein, Gelassenheit, Sicherheit im Auftreten, unerschütterliche Ruhe ——- to do sth with [one’s usual] aplomb = etw mit [der üblichen] Souveränität erledigen ——- she conducted the meeting with characteristic aplomb = sie leitete das Treffen mit der für sie typischen Selbstverständlichkeit



“As an American-born chronicler of communism, Anne Applebaum surfed that wave WITH APLOMB. She wrote incisive books about the Soviet penal system…”

The Economist (20 July 2020)

"The interviews of Jose Saramago are usually delivered WITH such APLOMB and linguistic precision that journalists often dispense with editing before sending the transcript to a newspaper."

Richard A. Preto-Rodas - World Literature Today Magazine

Did you


- confidence and style

- complete and confident composure or self-assurance

The Cambridge Dictionary / Merriam-Webster


Late 18th century (in the sense of uprightness, steadiness): from the French à plomb according to a plumb line (Lotschnur, Richtschnur).


- CONFIDENCE is a firm belief in one’s powers, abilities, or capacities (“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face” - Eleanor Roosevelt)

- ASSURANCE even more strongly stresses certainty and can suggest arrogance (“How can you present such a questionable theory with such assurance?”)

- APLOMB implies calm poise (“It is native personality, and that alone, that endows a man to stand before presidents or generals… with aplomb” - Walt Whitman)


- characterized by self-confidence, calmness and composure:

adeptness, APLOMB, assurance, backbone, calm, calm (demeanor), can-do attitude, certainty, certitude, composedness, composure, confidence, control, conviction,  cool-headedness, ease, elan, equanimity, even-mindedness, faith in oneself, fearlessness, imperturbability, inner peace (strength), intestinal fortitude, , level-headedness, mental balance (equilibrium, repose), poise, presence of mind, sangfroid, savoir faire, self-assurance (-assuredness, -belief, -command, -composedness, -composure, -confidence, -constraint, -control, -discipline, -esteem, -mastery, -possession, -reliance, -trust, -worth), stoicism, stolidity, stolidness, strength of character mind, will), suaveness, sureness, surety, trust in oneself, unflappability, urbanity

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“Although it was her first public appearance, she delivered her speech with complete APLOMB.”

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