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to be in the know

to have relevant information


in the know = Bescheid wissen, den Durchblick haben, im Bild sein, eingeweiht sein



"Putting travellers IN THE KNOW: providing motorists with real-time traveller information is a key way for road managers to help motorists deal with the growing traffic congestion on the nation’s highways."

Public Roads, the magazine of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration

Did you

in the know

- to know about something which most people do not know about

(Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)


In an information-based workplace, if you’re not “in the know”, your chances for advancement will be limited. Today, the acquisition of knowledge is an indispensable tool not just for one’s profession, but for dealing with day-to-day personal tasks as well.

One of our editors told us his son once approached him, wanting to know the length of the new Queen Mary II cruise ship. After the father replied, “I’m not sure, let’s Google it”, the son threw him a disappointed glance and said, “Gee dad, I thought you were in the know.” So much for fatherly pride. Still, these situations point out why the phrase “knowledge is key” is as valid as ever. And they also provide a clue as to how much we have come to depend on services like Google and Wikipedia.

The list of idioms, phrases and expressions relating to knowledge is long. Here are a few to add to your repertoire:

- know the score - to know all the important facts in a situation, especially the unpleasant ones.

- know the ropes - to know how to perform a particular job or task.

- know your stuff - to know a lot about a subject, or to be very good at doing something.

- know your way around - to be familiar with a place or to have knowledge about how something works.

- a know it all - someone who seems to know everything and annoys other people by showing how clever they are (Besserwisser, Schlaumeier).


to have insight, to be in the loop, to be aware, to be informed, to be educated, knowing, to be cognizant, to be plugged in, to be tuned in, to be with it, to be up on something


ignorant, oblivious, unaware, uninformed, unwitting

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