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public admiration


kudos = Ansehen, Ehre, Ruhm, Prestige, Renommee, Brownie point, Kopfnote —— to receive kudos = Applaus ernten, viel Lob bekommen —— Kudos! = Chapeau! Hut ab!



“Meta's ‘Diplomacy’ player, Cicero, gets KUDOS for its use of strategic reasoning and deception against human opponents.”

The Economist — ‘The race of the AI labs heats up’ (30th Jan 2023)

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- the fame and public admiration that a person receives as a result of a particular achievement or position in society

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary


The word "kudos" has an interesting etymology. It originated from the Greek term kŷdos (κῦδος), which means "glory" or "renown”. In ancient Greek culture, kŷdos referred to the honour and recognition bestowed upon an individual for their accomplishments or achievements.

Kudos was popularised by British college students in the early 1800s. In America, Time magazine used the word quite frequently where it enjoyed popularity beginning in the 1920s and 1930s. Henry Luce, founder of the magazine, loved filling his magazine with new vocabulary. In addition to kudos, he introduced America to words such as tycoon, pundit, and smog.


In the West, the following 20th-century individuals are regarded as having high kudos. In your personal opinion, which three are deserving of the highest respect?

- Albert Einstein (theoretical physicist, known for his theory of relativity)

- Albert Schweitzer (theologian, philosopher, and Nobel laureate)

- John F. Kennedy (former President of the United States)

- Mahatma Gandhi (leader of the Indian independence movement)

- Marie Curie (physicist and chemist, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize)

- Martin Luther King Jr. (civil rights leader and activist)

- Mother Teresa (Roman Catholic nun and humanitarian)

- Nelson Mandela (anti-apartheid revolutionary and former President of South Africa)

- Rosa Parks (civil rights activist)

- Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister during World War II)


- for fame and public admiration

a pat on the back, a round of applause, accolade(s), acknowledgement, admiration, adoration, adulation, applause, appreciation, approval, attaboy, attagirl, big up, bouquets, bravo, cheers, commendation, commendations, compliments, congratulations, credit, distinction, esteem, fame, glory, good job (work), gratitude, great job, hats off, high-five, honour, hooray, hurrahs, huzzah, KUDOS, laurels, merit, plaudits, praise, recognition, renown, respect, salutations, shout-out, standing O, standing ovation, thumbs up, toasting, warm fuzzies, well deserved, well done, well earned, woohoo.

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