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hog attention

to focus everyone's attention on oneself


to hog attention = die Aufmerksamkeit auf sich lenken



She doesn't HOG ATTENTION, she lavishes it on others. There's a Telegram Messaging App Founded By Russia's Durov Hits 100 Million Users

Moscow Times

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to hog (attention)
verb (phrase)

(to hog) - take or use most or all of (something) in an unfair or selfish way

(Oxford Dictionary)

As the American Heritage Dictionary says, a hog is any of the various mammals of the family Suidae, which includes the domesticated pig, as well as wild species like the wild boar and the warthog.

Anyone who has observed pigs eating - especially farm pigs - can then understand why the noun hog also refers to a glutinous, self-indulgent or filthy person or a person who uses too much of something without thinking about others. A road hog for instance, is someone who drives carelessly and without taking other drivers into consideration.

The verb "to hog" stems from the figurative sense of the noun. So to hog attention is to draw all of the attention away from others and have it directed mainly to you.

Hog shows up in several English idioms including:

- go hog wild = become overly excited or enthusiastic (My colleagues went hog wild over the doughnuts that I brought to work this morning)

- to go whole hog = to do everything possible, to be extravagant (We went whole hog and stayed in the hotel's executive suite)

- in hog heaven = very happy, having a great time (The children were in hog heaven watching cartoons all morning)

- to live high off the hog = to live well and eat well (We really lived high off the hog while on holidays in San Francisco)


monopolize, be greedy, have all to yourself, grab all of, gobble up

SMUGGLE OWAD into today's conversation

"Some people hog all the attention during meetings, we need to encourage other team members to talk."

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