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the feeling of irritation when one is hungry


to be hangry [coll.] = eine (schlechte) Hungerlaune haben [ugs.] About 2,800,000 Google results



Things I Did When I Was HANGRY: Navigating a Peaceful Relationship with Food

Annie Mahon (book title)

Did you

adjective, informal

- Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger

"Bob can get quite hangry if he misses a meal"

First coined in the 1990s, hangry is a blend of hungry and angry.

A scientific study has found that people have difficulty regulating temperament when their blood sugar level drops and that married couples are more likely to argue when they're hungry.
The physiology of "hanger"

The carbohydrates, proteins and fats in everything you eat are digested into simple sugars (such as glucose), amino acids and free fatty acids. These nutrients pass into your bloodstream from where they are distributed to your organs and tissues and used for energy.

As time passes after your last meal, the amount of these nutrients circulating in your bloodstream starts to drop. If your blood-glucose levels fall far enough, your brain will perceive it as a life-threatening situation.

Unlike most other organs and tissues in your body which can use a variety of nutrients to keep functioning, your brain is critically dependent on glucose to do its job.

You've probably already noticed this dependence your brain has on glucose; simple things can become difficult when you're hungry and your blood glucose levels drop. You may find it hard to concentrate, for instance, or you may make silly mistakes. Or you might have noticed that your words become muddled or slurred.

Another thing that can become more difficult when you're hungry is behaving within socially acceptable norms, such as not snapping at people. So while you may be able to conjure up enough brain power to avoid being grumpy with important colleagues, you may let your guard down and inadvertently snap at the people you are most relaxed with or care most about, such as partners and friends. Sound familiar?

adapted from: The Conversation


Feeling irritable? then grab a bite or suck a glucose tablet!

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