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effervescent = überschäumend, energiegeladen; spritzig, sprudelnd



“Many will pore over the gossipy, self-referential lyrics, but Styles’s song is for everyone: an EFFERVESCENT, high-tempo hit to have you clicking your heels.”

Ben Beaumont-Thomas - The Guardian (1 April 2022)

“Carmaking is sharply divided between the old and new. Recent electric-vehicle (EV) entrants, with Tesla at the forefront, command EFFERVESCENT valuations largely based on being new and different.

The Economist - Business Section, ‘Can Rivian Deliver?’ (2 September 2021)

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effervescent (noun effervescence)

- active, positive, and full of energy
- an effervescent liquid produces bubbles of gas

- marked by or expressing an appealingly lively quality
- having the property of forming bubbles

The Cambridge Dictionary / Merriam-Webster


Effervescent is from the noun effervescence, which stems from the same French word meaning to “boil up, boil over.” The French term in turn is derived from the Latin effervescentem, present participle of effervescere ‘to boil up, boil over’ - ex- ‘out’ + fervescere ‘begin to boil’, from fervere ‘be hot, boil’.

Technically, effervescence refers to the activity of a fluid which takes place when parts of the mass are released in a gaseous form, producing innumerable small bubbles. When you drink something fizzy, what you feel in your nose is effervescence.

The figurative sense of effervescent, as applied to a person, appeared around the middle of the 18th century.


Otto von Bismarck, a stickler for formality, was once seated beside a young, effervescent American woman at a formal dinner. During the meal’s first course, she addressed the German chancellor correctly as “Your Highness.” With the next course, however, he became “Mr. Chancellor”—and by the third course he was simply “My dear Mr. Bismarck.” As the plates were changed once more, Bismarck smiled and turned to his neighbour. “My first name,” he playfully declared, “is Otto.”


- showing or characterized by positive energy, especially when interacting socially:

animated, ardent, avid, bouncy, bouncing, breezy, bubbly, buoyant, chipper, chippy, chirpy, dashing, debonair, ebullient, EFFERVESCENT, elfish, elvish, exuberant, feisty, frisky, frolicy, gamely, gamesome, gutsy, high-spirited, impish, irrepressible, jaunty, kittenish, lively, peppy, perky, puckish, ripping, rollicking, sassy, saucy, sparky, sparkling, spirited, spright, springy, spry, swinging, thumping, tricksy, venturesome, zappy, zestful, zesty, zingy, zippy

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