double bubble

generous overtime bonus


double bubble = Überstunden werden zum doppelten Satz vergütet



“Are the Officials paid DOUBLE BUBBLE after the 90 minutes? Any improvement to the game comes with a ruinous attitude.”

Celtic Diary — The Price We Pay (9th February 2023)

“I went back to work after my second baby and only lasted four months. It was just too hard to juggle everything. And the pittance I was bringing home after paying DOUBLE BUBBLE nursery fees just didn’t make the stress and exhaustion worth it.”

Mumsnet — Back to Work after Second Baby (4th August 2020)

Did you

double bubble
idiomatic noun-phrase

- overtime paid at twice the normal rate (business)

- the presence of two air-filled bubbles in the abdomen (radiology)

- a fuselage formed from two conjoined hulls (aviation)

- a certain meeting of spherical surfaces, relevant to the double bubble conjecture (mathematics)

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In 1906, Frank H. Fleer Corporation introduced the world's first bubble gum product. Sadly, it was soon abandoned because it was too sticky and brittle — and because it was being marketed under the unfortunate name "Blibber-Blubber”.  Blibber-Blubber was also so sticky that it could be removed from skin only with vigorous scrubbing and turpentine.

Not until 1928 did the company come up with a winning formula — and a winning name: “Dubble Bubble”.

Since then, "double bubble" has become associated with different dictionary definitions, the most common meaning “overtime paid at twice the normal rate”.


In 2009, professional bubble-maker Sam Heath (aka Samsam Bubbleman) set a new world record by creating a soap bubble 20 feet long and 5 feet wide.

Samsam Bubbleman created the largest free-floating soap bubble using a secret formula that he refused to reveal.

"Being a bubbleologist is almost as much about being a wind catcher as it is a bubble maker. You become quite sensitive to changes in direction and you have to move at the right time to keep the bubble together."

Samsam first started his love affair with bubbles in 1989: "It all started with just a single bubble. I was sitting in a field and a bubble just floated past. I took the word away from the object and just looked at it for what it was. I captured my imagination and I just thought what an amazing thing that was.”

He said: "It's like one of those anomalies of nature that just shouldn't exist. Like a bumblebee being too big for its wings."

Over the years, Samsam and his team of 10 bubbleologists have performed bubble shows for the Dubai Royal family. Stars like Paul McCartney and Peter Gabriel have also brought him in for private shows.

He also set a world record in 2007, by encasing 50 elementary school children in a giant soap bubble.


- for round, bubbly things:

air ball, bead, blister, billow, blob, blot, blotch, bubble, drop, droplet, effervescence, efflorescence, fizz, foam, froth, globule, lather, laver, sac, spume, suds, vesicle

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“Retail store staff are often paid DOUBLE BUBBLE for weekend shifts, hoping to incentivise staff during peak shopping hours."

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