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a shout-out

a word of thanks


a shout-out = öffentlicher Dank -- über Medien oder vor Publikum verbreitete Grußbotschaft, oft verbunden mit Danksagung, Anerkennung



"A SHOUT-OUT to lip-readers, unsung heroes of the week"

Sophie Heawood in The Guardian

Did you

a shout-out

: a public expression of greeting, praise, or acknowledgement directed toward a person or group often as part of a performance, recording, or broadcast



Though shout-out is now mainstream, the term has been used for decades in the black community to compliment another person.

"The phrase was popularized after the 1991 release of the single “Born and Raised in Compton” by DJ Quik. At the end of the song, Quik says 'and right about now, I’d like to send a SHOUT OUT to my boy Teddy Bear...' and then mentions a bunch of others."

(Thanks to Paul Okada for the above reference)

There are lots of synonyms for shout, including holler, bellow, roar, whoop, yell, scream,... but with the addition of out as a hyphenated noun, shout-out gains the special meaning of “high-decibel praise.”

SMUGGLE OWAD into a conversation, say something like:

“Jim's been working non-stop to get our campaign ready for launch. We musn't forget to give him a big SHOUT-OUT during the conference tomorrow.

BTW, here's a big shout-out to all Friends-of-OWAD, who are actively supporting One-Word-A-Day. Many, many thanks!

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