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OWAD is the FREE e-mail service which systematically improves your professional English. Every weekday you receive an important word or idiom selected from the international press.

An amusing mini-quiz allows you to immediately test yourself, you can check the German translation and listen to the pronunciation.

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See today's word: The Americas

Now choose a,b or c! Which is the correct definition?


The United States and Canada


North, Central, and South America


All 50 states of The United States

Why One-Word-A-Day?

Mark Twain rightly said "My education started the day I left school".

But who of us at work has time for learning English? One answer is to integrate continuously learning English into our working day.

Easy to say, hard to do! Unless the material is relevant and the method is fun. Hopefully you will find One-Word-A-Day both useful for your work and also entertaining.

Give it a try.

Paul Smith

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