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chocolate orange


b) a chocolate sweet tasting like orange

German translation:

chocolate orange = eine Schokoladen Spezialität in Form einer Orange



Sample text:

Amyas Morse said that he had seen no ministerial plan to push through the necessary legal and statutory changes for the UK to leave the EU.

"We have an issue there because we have departmental government," he said. "What we don’t want to find is that at the first tap it falls apart like a CHOCOLATE ORANGE."

The Guardian

Did you know?

chocolate orange
noun phrase

The Terry's Chocolate Orange comprises an orange-shaped ball of chocolate mixed with orange oil, divided into 20 segments, similar to a real orange, and wrapped in orange-skin patterned foil. When packaged, the segments are stuck together firmly in the centre; therefore, prior to unwrapping, the ball is traditionally tapped severely on a hard surface to cause the segments to separate from each other.


Created by Terry's in 1932 at the Chocolate Works factory in York, England. Since 2005 and the closure of the Terry factory in York, Chocolate Orange products have been manufactured near Jankowice, Poland.

The Chocolate Lemon, launched in 1979 was unsuccessful and was withdrawn three years later.

On 29 May 2016, the UK product size was reduced from 175g to 157g by changing the moulded shape of each segment to leave an air gap between each piece.


The Chocolate Orange product is known for its unusual marketing, which is usually at its heaviest around Christmas. At one time it was estimated that the Chocolate Orange was found in a tenth of British Christmas stockings. Famous marketing phrases include:

Tap it and unwrap it
Whack and unwrap
Don't tap it... Whack it!

The newest advertising campaign in the United Kingdom features various situations in which people are trying to break the segments of their Terry's Chocolate Orange apart with the slogan "Smash it to pieces, love it to bits".


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