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blue-eyed boy


b) a person who enjoys special favours

German translation:

blue-eyed boy = der Liebling

blue-eyed boy: approximately 600,000 Google hits



Sample text:

On the face of it, you might wonder why Red Bull would want Lewis Hamilton. They already have Sebastian Vettel. Putting Hamilton alongside the German would be a wonderful proposition for F1's audience but it would be a massive headache for those inside the team. And such a move would be guaranteed to infuriate Vettel, the company's BLUE-EYED BOY wonder.

(BBC Sports)

During Afghan Jihad against Soviets, it was alleged that Hikmat Yar was the BLUE-EYED BOY of Pakistani establishment.


Did you know?

blue-eyed boy

- a boy or man who is liked very much and is treated well by someone, especially someone in authority

(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Before the world became smaller and much more integrated, the white European races of people essentially dominated the world. In what would be considered a politically-incorrect view these days, the image of the perfect child back then was one with blond (preferably curly) hair and blue eyes. For many, this borders on racism.

This is nevertheless the origin of "blue-eyed boy", or the one who is favoured, often by a person in authority. The expression is usually applied in a disapproving manner and is typically meant as a criticism. Some might say this is because others are envious of the attention that the blue-eyed boy enjoys.

Not everyone prefers blue-eyed boys though. Irish pop star Van Morrison once wrote a song about his brown-eyed girl:

Standing in the sunlight laughing,
Hiding behind a rainbow's wall,
Slipping and sliding
All along the water fall, with you
My brown eyed girl


teacher's pet, the apple of someone's eye, darling, fave, idol, best-loved

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"Since winning the salesman of the year award, John has become management's blue-eyed boy."

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