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she's worth her salt


b) she's very good at her job

German translation:

worth one's salt = sein Geld wert sein

worth one's salt: approximately 58,000 Google hits



Sample text:

Wall Street economists: are they WORTH THEIR SALT?

(Business Economics)

Any film editor WORTH THEIR SALT is part technical wizard, part creative genius.

(BBC News)

Did you know?

worth one's salt

- to be good at one's job; worthy of what one gets paid

There was a time when salt was one of the world's most valuable commodities. Salt made it possible to cure and preserve meat (before refrigeration), spice up boring foods and was generally considered to be one of life's necessities. Salt is meanwhile one of the cheapest items in a supermarket and doctors recommend reducing its intake to avoid high blood pressure.

But in Roman times, soldiers were paid in salt rations or they were given a salt allowance called a "salarium." This word gave us the English salary, meaning wages, so that a person who does a good job is "worth his/her salt." The expression is often used in the context "anyone worth their salt…" as a way of saying "anyone who knows what they are doing…"

Salt contains not only nutritional value, it also has "etymological value" as these other idioms show:

- rub salt in a wound = to deliberately make someone's unhappiness, shame, or misfortune worse

- salt of the earth = the most worthy of people; a very good or worthy person

- take something with a pinch (or grain) of salt = to listen to a story or an explanation with considerable doubt

- salt something away = to save something, especially money, for use at a later time


"Mary is really worth her salt, you made the right decision to hire her."

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